Payment methods

Customer Payment Methods

Buyer’s payment methods include online payment and offline payment:

Online payment are:
Mobile Money, visa card, MasterCard, Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT).

After submitting an order, click on any ‘online payment’ and proceed to pay via mobile money services, visa,EFT. And submit the transaction code to confirm your payment to.[email protected] .

Online payments should be made within 24 hours, otherwise the order is automatically cancelled , the product stock will be released, and can be ordered by another person.

After paying you will receive an email confirming your payment.

Offline payment:
Mobile money  /cash on delivery.

Pay on delivery- you should check the amount on the receipt and pay the exact amount written plus any other delivery fees.

You can pay via mobile money services and give the person delivering the mobile money transaction number which he will record or pay with cash.
Note; For orders above 250,000/- , buyers must prepay before delivery.
For orders below 250,000/- , these Support online payment and offline payment, that means buyers can prepay online or Mobile money /cash on delivery.


Discounts will be automatically deducted from the total value of the order when the order is submitted.


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